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You'll never have to worry about retaliation again

Let's think of a scenario. You've been facing a lot of harassment and discrimination at work. Even if you speak up against it, there is always the lingering fear of retaliation by the employer. With the help of the attorneys at Burke Law Offices, you can now protect yourself from such problems.


With 44 years of overall experience and 24 years of experience in office, we have the right expertise to not only help you get justice for being mistreated, but also help you ensure that your employer does not do anything negative to get back at you.

There are several ways an employer can get back at you. After you file for harassment, an employer can retaliate by:

  • Terminating your employment without cause

  • Cutting back in pay or hours

  • Isolating you from other employees

  • Passing critical comments that put you in a bad light

Apart from these ways, if your employer is trying to get back at you in any other way, you have every right to file a case in addition to the initial harassment or discrimination claim.

Watch out for the signs of retaliation

A lot of times, people don't speak up against discrimination by employers because they fear for their jobs. If you are facing any form of discrimination from your employer, don't let the fear of retaliation hold you back anymore.


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